Opening: Friday November 2, 2018
Exhibition: November 3 - 30, 2018

7935 East 14th Ave
Denver, CO 80220

With his exhibition "Ghosts," opening at Counterpath on Friday, November 2, 2018, at 6pm, and on view through November 30, Berlin-based, American artist Erik Smith focuses on the material traces of history and memory specific to the Counterpath site and surrounds of Denver’s East Colfax neighborhood, reconfiguring and collaging these to generate “new ambiances and new psychic possibilities” (Debord) for reconsidering the legacies of the area and its present-day meanings.

A temporary excavation of Counterpath’s outdoor lot exposing the former location of a buried oil tank, a long-defunct 1950s street lamp located in front of the building made to flicker at night, and a series of found/discarded furniture collected around the city, painted black, and embedded with speakers emitting droning and crackling sounds form the central sculptural and sonic components of the exhibition. In combination, they establish a dichotomy between present and past, positive and void, inside and outside, gallery space and the lot surrounding the Counterpath building, a former auto repair shop built in 1954 and revamped as an exhibition and cultural venue in 2015.

The title, Ghosts, points not only to the partial reanimating of the site’s past identity but also to the many vacant and derelict commercial buildings of this portion of East Colfax Avenue, an area long associated with transience, drug addition, and prostitution. Smith documented these structures and other abandoned homes while canvassing the area for materials and images, his form of “walking research,” creating a visual archive that reflects psychoanalyst and author Christopher Bollas’s assertion, in his essay on architecture and the unconscious, that “each city has its ghost towns.” These images are presented in the front room/book shop on a monitor in the form of a video slideshow and paired with a dark ambient audio track created by Smith in his Berlin studio, adding a further layer of estrangement to a portrayal of the city at odds with the popular vision of economic boom times.

Themes of urban alienation also resonate in another large-scale work installed inside the gallery: a series of black 3×5’ vinyl flags, hung tightly together to form a semi-contiguous whole, are presented as an abstract, non-functional stage element spanning the main wall of the space. Like the smaller-scale series of phantom-like, black-monochromatic “pour paintings” created from used motor oil shown in the back room, both set the atmospheric tone of the exhibition. The black flags, a symbol originally rooted in anarchist/protest movements of the nineteenth century, allude to the precarious reality of neighborhoods, buildings, and domestic objects at the end of their use cycle as well as the current political and social unease hanging over society at large. Ghosts are dead buildings but also the death of ideals around community and a sense of shared destiny today.

Counterpath is also inviting a host of local businesses, both active and recently closed, to attend the opening and discuss the neighborhood (please write to to sign up).

Erik Smith grew up in Colorado and has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany, since 2003; this is his first exhibition in Denver. Solo exhibitions include FRAGMENTA/Valletta 2018, Malta; Locus Solus, de Appel Contemporary Arts Centre, Amsterdam NL; Errant Bodies, Berlin DE; Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, Berlin; Die Raum, Berlin; DimensionsVariable, Miami FL; Kapinos Galerie, Berlin; Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA. He has also shown his work in numerous group exhibitions internationally including SculptureCenter, LIC, NY; BBB centre d’art, Toulouse, FR; Arsenic, Lausanne CH; Pierogi, Leipzig; Kunstpunkt, Berlin.

Image: 7 Star Motel, East Colfax Avenue (Erik Smith)





FRAGMENTA/Valletta 2018 invites you this coming Sunday, October 15th, 2017, between 2 and 6pm, to an art-event in Gudja, Malta to discover “Psychoarcheology,” a project in the form of a temporary excavation by artist Erik Smith.

Drawing on psychogeography and urban archeology, this trans-disciplinary, “psychoarcheological” project is conducted on a field close to the Chapel Ta Loretu, looking out on the airport runway. This site was identified by overlaying a network of “ley lines” onto maps of the island based on the location of existing archeological sites and prominent geological features. The project seeks to produce potential new discoveries as well as an altered awareness of the contemporary landscape and its relationship to the ancient past. Visitors will receive a free copy of a publication of selected map drawings and documented sites.

Guy Debord defines psychogeography as “the study and manipulation of environments to create new ambiences and new psychic possibilities.” “Psychoarcheology” mines a similar vein but focuses instead on the effects of the past on environments in creating new ambiences and new psychic possibilities. Debord’s view of geography is deeply intertwined with the concept of the dérive, the Situationist practice of passing through urban areas while observing “the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment on the emotions and behavior of individuals.” Psychoarcheology also takes a phenomenological approach to exploring geography, particularly in employing inventive strategies for altering one’s awareness of the surrounding environment, but rather than emphasizing the surface of urban space, it seeks to understand and reveal the depths.

Ley lines are supposed straight alignments of prehistoric temples, megaliths, and significant geological features. Originally associated with ancient trackways or paths in the landscape, some claim that such lines and their points of intersection resonate a special psychic or mystical energy capable of affecting consciousness. Psychoarcheology takes up this phenomenon, mapping the points of intersection between alignments of known Neolithic temples, dolmen, and menhir across Malta in a quest to identify new sites for investigation and excavation. Part science, part pseudo-science, the project employs competing methodologies and ways of interpreting the world, alluding to the limits and blind spots inherent to both and calling into question what is knowable in an age of increasingly quantified experience.

Erik Smith (US) studied comparative literature and art in the US and Italy and has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany since 2003. Selected solo exhibitions include Locus Solus, de Appel Contemporary Arts Centre, Amsterdam NL; Errant Bodies, Berlin DE; Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, Berlin; DimensionsVariable, Miami FL; Kapinos Galerie, Berlin; Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA. His work has also been presented in numerous group exhibitions internationally including SculptureCenter, LIC, NY; BBB centre d’art, Toulouse, FR; Arsenic, Lausanne CH; Pierogi, Leipzig; Kunstpunkt, Berlin.

Ta'Loretu Chapel
Triq Hal-Far
Gudja, Malta

Sunday October 15th
2pm - 6pm only

FRAGMENTA is open to all public
and free of charge.

FRAGMENTA is supported by 
Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture.

This event is made possible through the generous support of the Gudja local council.




"The Real Estate Show Extended/Berlin"
Gruppenausstellung zum Thema "Gentrifizierung, Immobilienspekulation und der Ausverkauf der Stadt" /
Group exhibition on the subject of "Gentrification, Real Estate Speculation and Selling out the City"
Kuratiert von / Curated by Matthias Mayer

03. 06. – 24. 06. 2017

Eröffnung / Opening: Fr. / Fri., 02. 06. 2017, 19:00

Künstler*innen / Artists:
Boris Abel, Volker Andresen, Astali/Peirce, Matthias Bade, Sheila Barcik, Fides Becker, Roland Boden, Gunnar Borbe, Saskia Breitenreicher, Alexander Callsen/Boris Jöns, Till Cremer, Nataly Dietz, Knut Eckstein, Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout, Annette Erlenwein/Anja Weber, Xenia Fink/ Jinny Yu/Guillermo Trejo, Ingo Gerken, Robert Gfader, Monika Goetz, Mariola Groener, Vanessa Henn, Alekos Hofstetter, Birgit Hölmer, Becky Howland, Irène Hug, Institut für kosmische Architektur, Uwe Jonas, Silke Koch, Pia Lanzinger, Julia Lazarus, Jens Christian Madsen, Antje Majewski, Matthias Mayer, Stefanie Mayer, Peter Mönnig, Oliver Möst, Alan Moore, Morgenvogel Real Estate (Maria-Leena Räihälä & Manuel Bonik), Paula Müller, Joseph Nechvatal, Daniel Permanetter, Kathrin Rabenort, Monika Rechsteiner, Benjamin Renter, Kirstin Rogge, Adrian Schiesser, Alexander Schippel, Richard Schütz, Olivia W. Seiling, Eva Seufert, Erik Smith, Elisabeth Sonneck, Gabriele Stellbaum, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Caro Suerkemper, Anja Teske, Anke Völk, Gabriela Volanti, Linda Weiss, Anke Westermann, Maja Weyermann, Ina Wudtke, Sibylle Zeh

Programm / Program:

Podiumsdiskussion / Panel discussion + Performance
Sa. / Sat., 03. 06. 2017, 18:30

Podiumsdiskussion mit Mitgliedern der New Yorker Ausstellung "The Real Estate Show" von 1980
/Panel discussion with members of the New York exhibition "The Real Estate Show" of 1980
Mit / With: Becky Howland, Peter Mönnig, Alan Moore, Joseph Nechvatal
Moderiert von / Moderated by Howard McCalebb (Dada Post, Berlin)
(auf Englisch/in English)

"Inner City Wars against the Poor", Ina Wudtke aka T-INA Darling

Ausstellungsführungen / Guided tours:
Sa. / Sat., 10. 06. 2017, 16:00
Sa. / Sat., 17. 06. 2017, 16:00

Schlegelstr. 6, 10115 Berlin

Öffnungszeiten / Opening hours:
Mi.–Sa. / Wed.–Sat., 14:00–18:00




Mario Asef, Mona Babl, Charlotte Bastian, Nina Kluth, Robert Lanz, Daniela Lehmann Carrasco, Brian Morrow, Funda Özgünaydin, Michael Pfisterer, Alexandra Schlund, Nadja Schöllhammer, Daniel Seiple, Erik Smith, Kerstin Stoll, Katinka Theis, Andrea Übelacker, Sandra Wrampelmeyer
Ausstellung 29.04. bis 10.06.2017
Eröffnung am 28. April 2017, 19 Uhr

Film: "Art War" am 29.04., 20:30 Uhr
Gallery Weekend: Sa und So, 29.04./30.04.2017: je 14-19 Uhr

Performance 11.05.17, 20 Uhr
+ Film: "flüstern & SCHREIEN" 11.05.17, 20:45 Uhr

(English version below)

Wie zeigt sich Rebellion? Was kann und was soll Rebellion?
Wogegen rebellieren? Und wie? Kleine Andeutung oder große Aktion? Mit großem Ernst oder auch mit Witz?

Das Ausstellungsprojekt zum Thema REBELLION verbindet die Notwendigkeit und Lust zu rebellieren mit der Idee der Kraft der Subversität in der künstlerischen Arbeit.
Gründe zu rebellieren, gibt es genug: Verkrustetes Denken, Konformität, die "Gesetze des Marktes", Hass und Gewalt, Separatismus, die Zerstörung der Umwelt, die Missachtung der Würde von Mensch und Tier… Die Liste ließe sich unendlich fortsetzen.
Die Kunst versucht, in ihrer eigenen Sprache die Realität anders oder eine andere Realität abzubilden, um etwas Neues sichtbar zu machen.

SCOTTY präsentiert die Arbeiten von Mario Asef, Mona Babl, Nina Kluth, Robert Lanz, Daniela Lehmann Carrasco, Brian Morrow, Funda Özgünaydin, Michael Pfisterer, Alexandra Schlund, Nadja Schöllhammer, Daniel Seiple, Erik Smith, Kerstin Stoll, Katinka Theis, Charlotte Bastian, Andrea Übelacker und Sandra Wrampelmeyer. KünstlerInnen, die auf sehr unterschiedliche Weise reflektieren, wogegen oder wofür es wert ist, zu rebellieren. Wie Auflehnung aussehen kann, auch mit welchen Auswirkungen.

Begleitet wird die Ausstellung von abendlichen Veranstaltungen im SCOTTY-Projektraum, wie Filmscreenings, Musik-Acts, Performances.

Mehr Informationen und weitere Veranstaltungen auf unserer Website.

(English version)
How is rebellion manifested? What can and should rebellion be?
What is there to rebel against? And how? With a small gesture or a major action? With utmost seriousness or with wit?

Centered on the theme of REBELLION, this exhibition project combines the necessity and desire to rebel with the notion of the artwork's subversive power.
There are plenty of reasons for rebelling: entrenched thinking, conformity, the "laws of the market," hate and violence, separatism, environmental destruction, disregard for the dignity of man and animal...the list could go on and on.
Employing its own language, art seeks to portray reality differently or to depict another reality in order to bring something new to light.

SCOTTY presents the work of artists who reflect on rebellion in a wide variety of ways, on what is worth rebelling for or against. On what rebellion might look like, and what impact it might have.

The exhibition is accompanied by evening events at the SCOTTY project space, including film-screenings, music acts, and performances.

Duration exhibition: : 29 April – 10 June 2017
Opening: 28 April 2017, 7 pm
Gallery Weekend: Sat and Sun, 29.04./30.04.2017: 2 - 7 pm

Film: "Art War" 29 April, 8:30 pm
Performance 11 May, 8 pm and
Film: "flüstern & SCHREIEN" 11 May, 8:45 pm

More information and events on our website.

Image credits:
© Brian Morrow, Untitled (detail)




"Inglan Is A Bitch"

Eröffnung: Fr., 25.11.2016, 19 Uhr

mit: Boris Abel, Michelle Alperin, Volker Andresen, Caroline Bayer, Fides Becker, Antje Blumenstein, Gunnar Borbe, Sabine Bokelberg, Sascha Boldt, Tanya von Barnau, Ben Cottrell, Rolf Czulius, Nataly Dietz, Thomas Draschan, Knut Eckstein, Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout, Niki Elbe, Frederik Foert & Olivia W. Seiling, Kathrin Ganser, Ingo Gerken, Robert Gfader, GODsDOGs, Massoud Graf-Hachempour, Mariola Groener, Hlynur Hallsson, Pablo Hermann, Marie von Heyl, Irène Hug, Annika Hippler, Thomas Jocher, Uwe Jonas, Sven Kalden, Silke Koch, Karsten Korn, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Joke Lanz/Simon Parfrement, Daniela Lehmann-Carrasco, Christine Lohr, Matthias Mayer, Stefanie Mayer, Paula Müller, Leo de Munk, Joe Neave, Rainer Neumeier, Florence Obrecht, Kirsten Palz, Axel Pahlavi, Manfred Peckl, Maria-Leena Räihälä, Benjamin Renter, Cornelia Renz, Römer + Römer, Ann Schomburg, Richard Schütz, Michael Schultze, Stefanie von Schroeter, Amelia Seymour, Raaf van der Sman, Johanna Smiatek, Erik Smith, Elisabeth Sonneck, Anne Staszkiewicz, Max Sudhues, Gabriele Stellbaum, Sarah Strassmann, Jaro Straub, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Maki Takano, Alex Tennigkeit, Anja Teske, Thea Timm, Peter Torp, Julius Weiland, Linda Weiss, Anke Westermann, Sibylle Zeh, Michaela Zimmer, Oliver Zwink

Seit 2005 initiiert Spor Klübü-Macher Matthias Mayer eine Reihe von Gruppenausstellungen, die sich thematisch mit Zitaten aus den 1980er Jahren beschäftigen. Jetzt bereits zum zehnten Mal veranstaltet, hat er KünstlerInnen aus seinem Umfeld aufgerufen, dieses Jahr Arbeiten zum Zitat von Linton Kwesi Johnson von 1980 "Inglan is a bitch" für die "One-Night-Ausstellung beizusteuern. "Inglan is a bitch" vereint Musik, Literatur und Politik und ist Titel von LKJ's Textsammlung (erschienen London 1980) sowie Songtitel (Album "Bass Culture", Island Records 1980). Geboren in Jamaika und in seiner frühen Jugend nach England übergesiedelt wird Linton Kwesi Johnson Poet und Musiker. LKJ hat das Genre "Dub-Poetry" mit ins Leben gerufen. Er kreiert seine eigene Sprache aus Jamaican Creole, Jamaican English und English English. Er vertritt die Stimme der Arbeiterklasse und thematisiert die fortdauernde Unterdrückung der Immigranten in der englischen Gesellschaft seit der Kolonialzeit. Obwohl seine Dichtung für ihn im Vordergrund steht, ist er ein weltweit bekannter und erfolgreicher Reggae-Musiker. Im Juli 1989 spielt er beim bekannten Loreley Summer Jam-Festival (vormals Reggae Sunsplash-Festival) mit weiteren Größen der Reggae-Szene (Jimmy Cliff, Black Uhuru, Osibisa, Ltd. Stitchie, Salif Keita, Youssou N'Dour, Wailers, Inner Circle).

Liste der vergangenen Gruppenausstellungen in dieser Reihe mit den dazugehörigen Zitaten:
2005 "Very Sporty Jack" (aus Jim Jarmusch's "Down by law"), 2006 "U can't touch this" (Song von MC Hammer), 2007 "Sllörrrrr wip wop wop (aus Charles Bukowski's "Fuck Machine"), 2008 "Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler" (Joseph Beuys), 2009 "Nelson Mandela must fe free" (Free Mandela-Kampagne), 2010 "Stranded in The Future" (Song von Kim Fowley), 2012 "Cocaine – blows my brain.." (aus der 1980er-Szene), 2014 "IWF Mördertreff" (Demonstrations-Slogan, Berlin 1988), 2015 "You knee them in the chin..." (aus "War Story" von George Starbuck, verwendet von der Musikgruppe "Schaumtüte").

Spor Klübü

Freienwalder Str. 31
13359 Berlin-Mitte (Wedding)
Tel.: 0179-8593744
U8 Pankstr./S Bornholmerstr.




July 19, 2016

Interviews from Yale University Radio WYBCX
Lives of the Most Excellent Artists, Curators, Architects, Critics and more, like Vasari's book updated. The Art World Demystified, Hosted by Brainard Carey





10 Mar — 10 Apr 2016

In 2007, Erik Smith fused the work of artist James Lee Byars with underground Black Metal music in his installation in the Appel arts centre. During the opening performance Black Metal band Sammath integrated a text from a sound piece of Byars from 1995 live into their own composition. From March 10th until April 10th the Appel arts centre presents a videoregistration of this special performance.

Correspondence from de Appel archive by James Lee Byars with first Appel director Wies Smals is currently on display in an exhibition about the artist in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.


+31 20 6255651





BBB centre d'art

« Freux Follets »

Exposition collective

Dimitris Foutris, Michael Gumhold, Yuki Higashino, Julien Langendorff, Per-Oskar Leu, Andrew McLeod,  Steven Shearer, Julien Sirjacq, Sindre Foss Skancke, Erik Smith, The Bells Angels, Erik Tidemann, Torbjørn Rødland, Gisèle Vienne

Elodie Lesourd, commissaire invitée sur une proposition de Cécile Poblon

du 3 février au 16 avril 2016
vernissage | mardi 2 février |19 h
entrée libre et gratuite | du mardi au samedi 14 h-19 h

Elodie Lesourd est invitée par le BBB centre d'art à jouer le rôle de commissaire d'exposition. Pour faire suite à ses recherches, elle choisit le Black Metal comme opérateur de discours. Après avoir parsemé son travail plastique de référents inhérents à cette culture, elle approfondit l'analyse des rapports entre le Black Metal et l'art contemporain sous plusieurs formes : d'une première ébauche d'exposition collective « Svarte Sirkel » en 2007, à l'écriture d'un texte « Le Baptême ou la mort : Le Black Metal dans l'art contemporain, naissance d'une nouvelle catégorie esthétique » (écrit fin 2011 et publié début 2013) et d'autres collaborations avec le journal américain Helvete, l'élaboration de l'édition du journal CS consacré à son rapport au mouvement a définitivement scellé son lien au sujet. Ainsi « Freux Follets » s'annonce comme la mise en forme de ses réflexions et tente de montrer la force d'un tel télescopage.

BBB centre d'art
96, rue Michel-Ange | 31200 Toulouse
05 61 13 37 14 | |
entrée libre et gratuite du mardi au samedi de 14h à 19h




Bar Babette, Berlin DE
January 28, 2016

Berlin Collective is pleased to present, “On Site in 16 Cities”, A Group Exhibition consisting of International Artists new works produced specifically for this project.

This project was inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s film, “Night on Earth”, 1991. Night on Earth is a 1991 film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. It is a collection of five vignettes, taking place during the same night, concerning the temporary bond formed between taxi driver and passenger in five cities: Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki.

For this project, each artist was asked to find a location in their city that has a particular meaning to them, create a work in response to that location, photograph it in that exact place, and lastly print it in the format of 10’’x10’’ to give a unified look to the works as if to have a voyeur experience of peering into the space. All of the works have titles and a one-sentence explanation by the artist of their piece. The individual projects are linked to 16 cities at the same time and connect the artists to their different ways of addressing their particular selection of locations.

ARTISTS: 1. Berlin, Silvia Lorenz, Mira O’Brien, Katrin Kampmann , Bonnie Begusch, Stephan Brenn, Henrike Daum, Vanessa Enríquez, Jesse Farber, Aleksandar Alexis Knowlton, Wolfgang Krause, Adi Liraz & Sanija Kulenovic, Katharina Lüdicke, Sven Stuckenschmidt, transstruktura, Ulrike Mohr, Tomoko Mori, Konrad Mühe, Johannes Rodenacker, Sabrina Schieke, Sonja Schrader, Aleks Slota, Erik Smith, Max Sudhues, Eva AM Winnersbach & Cornelia Bördlein 2. Amsterdam, Dennis Tremalio 3. Pennyslvania, Gwendolyn Kerber 4. Sun Valley, Idaho, Nicole Kohn 5. Minot, North Dakota, Wednesday Kim 6. NYC, Judy Mauer, Elena Lyakir, Pablo Carpio , Denise Triezman, Alice Garik, Sky Kim , Margaret Edith Arial, Marcie Kaufman 7. London, Sonia Barrett, 8. Alyssa De Luccia, Jestrovic Jamesdin, Grace Euna Kim, Melbourne, Kate Shaw, 9. Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jennifer Danos,10. Paris, Susan Shup, 11. Washington, D.C., Eve Hennessa, 12. Italy- Carlos Solito 13. Taichung, Vincent Cy Chen 14. Los Angeles, Tm Gratkowski Malado Baldwin , Burton Machen 15. Houston, Terrell James, 16. Sydney, Australia, Brad Robson




Spor Klübü

"You knee them in the chin..."

Eröffnung: Fr., 27.11.2015, 19 Uhr

Boris Abel, Sonja Alhäuser & Heike Kati Barath, Mika Andersen, Volker Andresen, Sheila Barcik, BEWEGUNG NURR & Christine Weber, Antje Blumenstein, Roland Boden, Gunnar Borbe, Cisca Bogman, Sascha Boldt, Iwona Lili Borkowska, Matthew Burbidge, Sonja Burbidge, Astrid Busch, Alexander Callsen, Alexine Chanel, Rolf Czulius, Nataly Dietz, Chris Dreier, Knut Eckstein, Laurence Egloff, Niki Elbe, Xenia Fink, Frederik Foert & Olivia W. Seiling, Tom Früchtl, Robert Gfader, Massoud Graf-Hachempour, Mariola Groener, Thomas Grötz, Armin Häberle, Stephanie Hanna, Pablo Hermann, Marie von Heyl, Birgit Hölmer, Claude Horstmann, Irène Hug, Hervé Humbert, Henrik Jacob, Uwe Jonas, Sven Kalden, Stefan Kaminski & Alex Tennigkeit, Silke Koch, Susanne Kohler, Simone Lanzenstiel, Simon Lindhardt, Martin Löhr, Christian Macketanz, Jens Christian Madsen, Frank Maier, Matthias Mayer, Stefanie Mayer, Paula Müller, Paula Muhr, Leo de Munk, Julia Oschatz, Kirsten Palz, Martin Pfahler, Katrin Plavcak, Maria-Leena Räihälä, Benjamin Renter, Cornelia Renz, Regine Rode, Kirstin Rogge, Julia Rüther, Alexander Schippel, Mira Schnedler, Jochen Schneider, Sonya Schönberger, Iris Schomaker, Ann Schomburg, Richard Schütz, Eva Seufert, Heidi Sill, Johanna Smiatek, Erik Smith, Elisabeth Sonneck, Max Sudhues, Gabriele Stellbaum, Sarah Strassmann, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Susa Templin, Anja Teske, Ryan Thayer, Thea Timm, Chryssa Tsampazi, Micki Tschur, Kata Unger, Anke Völk, Gabriela Volanti, Gabriel Vormstein, Heike Walter, Linda Weiss, Michael Witte, Sibylle Zeh, Francis Zeischegg, Christof Zwiener, Oliver Zwink

Seit 2005 initiiert Künstler und Spor Klübü-Projektraumbetreiber Matthias Mayer eine Reihe von Gruppenausstellungen, die sich thematisch immer mit Zitaten aus den 1980er Jahren beschäftigen. Diese Zeit war für den damals jungen und heranwachsenden Künstler prägend und so knüpfen die Zitate aus Kunst, Film, Literatur, Politik und Gesellschaft an das an, was er miterlebt und teilweise verehrt hat.
"You knee them in the chin..." ist ein Zitat aus der ersten Strophe des Gedichts "War Story" des amerikanischen Dichters George Starbuck. Matthias Mayer spielte ausgangs der 80er in der Musikgruppe "Schaumtüte", dessen amerikanischer Sänger, ein in Deutschland stationierter Soldat, diese erste Strophe für den Song "4th of July" einsetzte. Es ist ein Anti-Kriegstext, der die Handlungen und Abläufe, die Lügen und Grausamkeiten des Krieges eindrücklich zu Tage bringt. Im Gedicht von Starbuck folgt auf "You knee them in the chin..." "to drive the dog-tag in". Dies beschreibt eine normale Kriegspraxis bei gefallenen Soldaten. Man rammt den Toten ihre "Hundemarke" (Metall-Erkennungsmarke) mit dem Knie ins Kinn zwecks späterer Indentifizierung.
Liste der vergangenen Gruppenausstellungen in dieser Reihe mit den dazugehörigen Zitaten:
2005 "Very Sporty Jack" (aus Jim Jarmusch's "Down by law"), 2006 "U can't touch this" (Song von MC Hammer), 2007 "Sllörrrrr wip wop wop (aus Charles Bukowski's "Fuck Machine"), 2008 "Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler" (Joseph Beuys), 2009 "Nelson Mandela must fe free" (Free Mandela-Kampagne), 2010 "Stranded in The Future" (Song von Kim Fowley), 2012 "Cocaine – blows my brain.." (aus der 80er-Szene), 2014 "IWF Mördertreff" (Demonstrations-Slogan).

Spor Klübü

Freienwalder Str. 31
13359 Berlin-Mitte (Wedding)
Tel.: 0179-8593744
U8 Pankstr./S Bornholmerstr.


What is the sound of protest?
A performative evening and temporary exhibition
Curated by Joseph Young

errant bodies
Vernissage 6-9pm on Friday 6th November
performances and talks start at 7.30 sharp

Continues 11-5pm, 7th & 8th November

Does the sound of a coffee machine in a an artisan coffee shop signal a resistance towards the globalisation of the high street and is the sound of birdsong a protest against urban development?

Brighton (UK) and Berlin based artist Joseph Young continues his investigation into artistic utopias, revolutionary moments and social struggle to uncover some of the unlikely forms that the sound of protest might take.

Via invitation and an open call Joseph has selected a number of artists to collaborate with him in this short investigation; starting with a field recording and workshop weekend and ending in a temporary exhibition and performance event.

Featuring contributions by:
Raghed Barakat/ Helgard Müller/ Nicodemus/ Thomas Stern, Vincent Chomaz, Israel Martinez, Sybella Perry, Harry Ross, Stan Back & The Noise Glam, Lorenzo Tripodi, Symeon Yovev, Fred Dewey, Janine Eisenächer, Troy Mighty, Lars Müller, Michelle-Marie Letelier & Maria Verónica Troncoso, Erik Smith, Linda Weiss.

More details at

errant bodies
kollwitzstrasse 97 berlin 10435
6-8th November 2015






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