CV - ERIK SMITH (US) lives and works in Berlin DE


2018 Ghosts, Counterpath, Denver, CO, US (upcoming)
2017 Psychoarcheology, FRAGMENTA/Valletta 2018, Malta
2016 From the Archive - LocusSolus: Erik Smith, De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, NL
2014 AABBCCDV (redux Berlin), Errant Bodies, Berlin, DE
2013 Die Raeume, die raum, Berlin, DE
2012 AABBCCDV, DimensionsVariable, Miami, FL, US
2011 Test Dig No. 1, Skulpturenpark_Berlin_Zentrum, Berlin, DE
2007 The Ghost of James Lee Byars Calling, De Appel Center for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, NL
2006 The Ghost of James Lee Byars Calling, Kapinos Galerie, Berlin, DE
2004 F.L.E., Zentralbuero, Berlin, DE
1999 New Conceptual Sculpture, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US
1997 Some Assembly Required, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US


2017 The Real Estate Show Extended, Kunstpunkt, Berlin, DE
  Rebellion, Scotty, Berlin, DE
2016 Freux Follet, BBB centre d’art, Toulouse, FR, cur. Elodie Lesourd
  On Site in 16 Cities, Berlin Collective, Bar Babette, Berlin, DE
2015 You knee them in the chin…!, Spor Klübü, Berlin, DE
  What is the sound of protest?, Errant Bodies, Berlin, DE
2014 IWF Moerdertreff, Spor Klübü, Berlin DE
2013 REMIX, Spor Klübü, Berlin, DE
  DimensionsVariable, Pulse Miami, Miami, FL, US
2012 Home in Crisis, Temporary Home 2012, Kassel, DE
  Cocaine Blows My Brain, Spor Klübü, Berlin, DE
  Kulturpark, the end / Spring Break, Berlin DE
  What I predict to remember what I predict to forget, Stedefreund, Berlin, DE
2011 Navigating Darkness, Tape Modern, Berlin, DE
  Berlin Verstehen, servtag GmbH, Berlin, DE
  Weak Heart Drop, ExRotaprint, Berlin, DE
  Emblem of Modernity, Pink Gallery, Berlin, DE
2010 Black Mirror, Arsenic, Lausanne, Switzerland, cur. Marco Costantini (cat.)
  Weil’ auf mir du dunkles Auge, Bauer & Ewald, Berlin, DE
  P.A.S.T. Projects, The Woodmill, London, UK
  Me, Myself and I (Conversations with Oneself), Input, Armory Show, NYC, US (cat.)
2009 Exhibition, 211 Elizabeth Street, NYC, US
2008 In Practice Projects, SculptureCenter, LIC, NY,, US, cur. Sarina Basta
  Svart Kunststykke, Ruimte X, ZXZW Independent Culture, Tilburg, NL
  The Ghost of James Lee Byars Calling, Scryption Museum voor schriftelijke communicatie, Tilburg, NL
  Artforum Berlin, Pierogi Brooklyn/Leipzig, DE
2007 The Re-distribution of the Sensible, Magnus Mueller Gallery, Berlin, DE, cur. W. Neidich
  Flatfiling, Perogi @ ArtNews Projects, Berlin, DE
  The Best of Show, Kapinos Galerie, Berlin, DE
  Artforum Berlin, Pierogi Brooklyn/Leipzig, DE
2006 Me, Myself and I 2, Gutleut 15, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2005 News from the Studios, Kapinos Galerie, Berlin, DE
  Me, Myself and I, Glue, Berlin, DE; Konsortium, Düsseldorf, DE; Gutleut 15, Frankfurt am Main, DE;
  Galerie Hobbyshop, Munich, DE; Arti, Amsterdam, NL
  Extraglue Editionen Dauerhaft Ausstellung, Glue, Berlin, DE
2004 Architektur und Film Festival 04, Brotfabrik, Berlin, DE
  Utopia U Build It, Rocket Shop, Berlin, DE, cur. Laura Schleussner
2000 Snapshot, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, ML, US
1998 ArtFrankfurt98, Rena Bransten Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, DE
1997 Pool, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US
1996 Glean, Four Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US, cur. Julie Deamer
  The Gramercy Int. Art Fair, Rena Bransten Gallery, Los Angeles, CA,, US
  FIAC, Anthony Meier Fine Arts, Paris, FR


2007 Perfect is My Death Word (Sammath), De Appel Center for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, NL
  Perfect is My Death Word (Neithan), Magnus Mueller Gallery, Berlin, DE
2006 Perfect is My Death Word (Blodsrit), K17, Berlin, DE


2018 Counterpath, Denver, CO, US
2017 FRAGMENTA/Valletta 2018, Malta
2017 Headlands Center for the Arts, Alternate, Marin, CA US
2012 LegalArt/Cannonball Visiting Artist Residency, Miami, FL, US
2011 Expodium: Kanaleneiland, Utrecht, NL
2008 Artist in Residence, ZXZW Festival for Independent Culture, Tilburg, NL
2000 SECA Finalist, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA


2015 Errant Bodies, AABBCCDV (Redux Berlin), with Jeremiah Day
2012 Variable Discourse, AABBCCDV, Miami FL, with Chris Cook and Adler Guerrier
2005 Berliner Kunstsalon 02, Berlin, DE, FTV://berlinvideotalks, with Pirate Cinema and V2V


2010 Weil’ auf mir du dunkles Auge, with Mario Asef, Jeremiah Day, Klara Hobza, Daniel Seiple, and Erik Smith,
  Oct 23 – Dec 11, 2010, Bauer & Ewald, Berlin-NeuKoelln, DE


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